My Ex-Girlfriend #freestyle #rap

Hey bitch what is this?

You in one of your stupors again

Drinking one to many Coors Lights

Or is that rich dick of an entrepreneur not fucking you right?

Or you just a stupid girl, because God damn

How many times must I have to say it?

Before you get it that I’m not your Superman

I’m just an intruder that you’d rather get neutered

So you’re better off with other Suitors

Because I ain’t here to show you my new maneuvers

Just go straight to fucking you

Get head and have you sucking me like a Hoover

Than bust allover your hooters

Then after go and feed you to a bunch of hungry cougars

While watching Looper all over again, as that’s the only time

That I would wanna go back to the past

Other than that I ain’t here to be your Superman


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