#rap #freestyle called Free-Vile-Style-666 by my @Eminem like persona Tic-Tac-Toe

Is my wit, my flows coming atcha too quick to fast?

Do you want me to slow it down like its molasses?

So you can keep up with my rhymes

Are you that blind? Do you need glasses?

Too see that I’m here to take over the masses

To kick asses and burn through my competition like I’m acid

To treating my opposition like they are the basement

By beating them down so bad that whatever confidence they may have had

They don’t have it, the moment that I put my pen to this pad

Because I’m so high on myself that you can call me the attic

Oh God! I need rehab because guess who’s back at it like an addict?

Yeah! That would be me and I’m about to relapse

Because you see my raps are not just off the map but I say fuck the atlas

As I’m here to go intergalactic because I can never kick this habit

As I’m not just a prick but I’m a whole cactus

A psychopath that should be in a straightjacket, the way I’m going at it

So start to panic because if you’re coming at me than you better change up your tactics

Because at any moment I can snap atcha like I’m elastic

Because I’m ready once again to cause havoc

So Dorothy you’re not in Kansas, you’re on my canvas

And I’m the Wizard of Odd and I’m about to murder you like I’m Aaron Hernandez

Oh God damn it! Here I go again with more rhymes that are so fucking outlandish

That you might just wanna assume that I’m brain damage

But if you’re smart than you will just wanna vanish before you become collateral damage

As your ass will get destroyed like I’m an asteroid and you’re life on a planet!


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