Farewell revised verse one #rap


By Conman


See let me paint you a vivid picture of what we once had

And how you were once was a fixture in my life

Before we had surpassed our limits

Now our friendship has become nothing more than a gimmick


See we use to be sunny like Barbados

Tight as NATO, brothers like Cane and Able

Until one day everything between us

Went straight to hell and became unstable

Now I know that I’m no angel  or could I ever ware a halo

But why did you one day decide to twists me like I’m a tornado

And play with my emotions like they are hot potatoes?

Because before that you once had help me build up my confidence

Before you went out of your way to tear me down like Legos

While also you tried to mold me into your image as if I’m made out of Play-Doh

And if I didn’t go along with it

Then your admiration for me would started to fade away

Leaving me to feel that your love for me was a fable

Oh God! If I only knew then that one day

That your hate for me was going to be fatal

That your contempt and dismay

Was ready to blow like a volcano

That there was nothing that we could do or say

That would bring us back to the table

Even though in our own ways we both had paid a toll

Went through life’s strife’s and overcame cancer

Used our art as not just as an escape but as an answer

So now I don’t understand how your heart for me went cold

But be that it is you can now hit the road


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