My Free-Vile-Style-Five by my #Eminem @Eminem like personas Conman and Tic-Tac-Toe

See most of my life has been stifled, filled with strife,
But don’t get it wrong I have earn my stripes
So you don’t wanna trifled with me, so think twice
Before you come at me, because it won’t be so delightful
Because this world has left me as cold as an icicle
As I will get all up in your face like your Kurt Cobain and I’ma rifle
And rent space in your brain that will turn you into a headcase
As I will swat at you like your airplanes
And I’m King Kong on top of the Eiffel
So don’t assume that I’m here to be your disciple
Because from the very moment that I came out
Of my mother’s womb I have always been spiteful
So yeah I know that I’ve got a chip on my shoulder
But what do you expect?
Years of hate has made me a lot colder
With enough contempt to over fill several cups
To get me drunk off of this hate, So how can I sober up?
Because see my life is like a roller coaster
But accept there’s more downs than there’s ups
Though I still find a way to soldier on
Even when the odds are stacked up
And weighing me down like a boulder,
Though I still find a way to get back up
That’s why it must be appalling
To know that I won’t stop mauling my competition
And won’t stop until I’m in the top position
So yeah I’m a little odd but that never stop me from wanting to monopolizes this rap game like it’s a game of Monopoly
So take me as a mortician and this as your autopsy
Because if you decide to be my opposition
Than you will see why I’m gonna cut into you
As I’m a man on a mission with so much ambition
That you don’t wanna give me any ammunition
So if it’s to hot than get the fuck out of my kitchen
Because I’m dropping flows like backhands drop hoes
As I’m back again to attack my foes
While leaving you more pissed-off than yellow snow
So know that you’ve dug your own grave, made your bed
And that I’m here just to give you the middle finger wave!

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