I’m Dumbfounded perplexed on why #WCW #WWE #TNA’s former wrestler #hulkhogan blocked me on @Twitter? When I never said one bad thing about him

I’m still dumbfounded, perplexed, clueless, discombobulated confused mystified & baffled as I dont have an Inkling or a understanding on why former #WWE, #WCW and #TNA #hulkhogan‬ had blocked me on ‪#‎Twitter‬? Someone anyone try to answer if you can this conundrum. As I didn’t say anything offensive or disparaging. If anything I got liked for tweeting his A & E Finding hulk Hogan documentary on ‪#‎Youtube‬ Even he re-tweeted on his own twitter account
Only Other thing I did was ask him a WCW question about why in his WCW championship mach against ‪#‎JeffJarrett‬ with ‪#‎VinceRusso‬ that was covered and surrounded in controversy on why he still pin Jeff Jarrett? After giving this riveting speech about how WCW is going down the crapper with pulling stunts like this, than he place his foot over Jeff Jarrett pin him then went up the ramp and tossed the WCW Heavyweight Championship and walked away as well Vince Russo did this infamous promo about never seeing Hulk Hogan in a WCW witched turned into a defamation lawsuit against Vince Russo supposedly. Witch I felt was a reasonable wrestling question anyways he never once replied neither did Jeff Jarrett only Vince Russo who was kind enough to replied back but said I had to asked the other two being Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett but good luck. Updated I never got a replied back from either Hulk Hogan or Jeff Jarrett but the strange thing neither Jeff Jarrett or Vince Russo have blocked my twitter account as occasionally I still talk with Vince Russo on my Twitter account. Only Hulk Hogan did and why is got me scratching my head to this very day wondering what happen what went wrong! As I had found out this week basically Tuesday when I was going to tweet Hulk Hogan my heart felt inspiring uplifting mantra that was loved all over Twitter and ‪#‎Facebook‬ and that was For anyone whose battling cancer ‪#‎StayStrong‬ Never hunker or bunker down always think that ‪#‎Cancer‬ is yours 2 CONQUER!


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