Free-Vile-Style-Three #rap by my #Eminem like persona Tic-Tac-Toe

#rap #lyrics By My #Eminem Shady like persona Tic-Tac-Toe
See I’m as twisted as a Picasso painting
not here to be entertaining but to cause a fiasco
With innovating lyrics, a wacko in a straightjacket,
That you wanna football tackle
And put in a restraint chair and double latch it
Because you know that I’ve gotcha scared
So don’t take me as Beethoven classical,
But as a self-loathing asshole
with lyrical precision like a scalpel
Smoking rappers like they are tobacco
And all those who say that payback is a bitch
Well know this that I’m a misogynist
As I’m holding this microphone hostage
Like I’m Ariel Castro, so you all better be cautious
Because I’m Sean Penn mightier than the sword
Interviewing El Chapo while leaving you all baffled
As I’m dropping it like it’s hot like I’m Tabasco sauce
Leaving you all grasping at straws, scrambling for thoughts
While gasping and feeling all distraught,
Because I don’t just think outside of the box
But I put that box outside and leave it to rot,
Because yeah I’m as crazy as a fox with #Shady thoughts
That’s got this rap game in a headlock
As my rhymes are like head shots
Putting red dots on your forehead, a chalk outline next to your spot
Because I won’t stop until I’m on top as the cream of the crop
Not giving a fuck if I ever get props as I’m only doing it to leave jaws dropped!

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