Call Me Out By my #Eminem @Eminem like persona Tic-Tac-Toe

Call Me Out

By Tic-Tac-Toe


Yeah my raps may seem all over the map and disheveled

A mind that leaves you puzzled

A mouth like mine that should be muzzled

But I’m just a devil without a cause

Out to cause trouble with two shelves in the back

Just waiting to get dirt on you

So if you’re smart than you will shut your yap

And accept that you’re not at my level

Before I decide to jump you from behind

Duct tape you and throw you inside my truck

Than drive off to the nearest dump

Because I bury my competition if they dare scoff

As I leave my opposition in a slump

So call me Donald because you’re about to get Trump

And see why you’re not cut from the same cloth as I

As I’ma Rubik’s cube that most get stumped

The homeboy from Toronto that’s out to kick some rump

So yeah my rhymes may seem like I’m drunk

But really I have always had a sober mind

I just don’t care if I go over that line and come off as a punk

Just don’t ever lump me in with all those other chumps

As I’m not here to spit raps just to get a fist bump

Only to go for your jugulars like a predator

It’s why I don’t have no competitors

As I’m weather that you can’t whether

A sweater being wore in the immense heat of the desert

Out to leave you beet red, scorned and steal your street cred

That’s why with every thought that I put together comes off clever

So good luck my opponents on whatever is your future endeavors

As I’ma trapdoor just waiting to pull the lever

And watch you fall through the floor forgotten forever

Or to be seen as another feather in my cap to this rap

Because I’m the dark side of Anakin, that’s the modern-day’s Darth Vader

Feeding you all too a bunch of hungry alligators

While leaving you motherfuckers to start panicking

Too ask when will I stop my shenanigans? And that’s never!

Because I’m always up to no good it’s why I’m always caught on fire

Like the devil when he enters a church or the Vatican

As you all get cold feet or freeze up like mannequins

But I expect that ever since my mother went into labor, gave birth

And brought me to this Earth, conceived as my father’s evil seed

As the apple that never fell too far from the tree

A hell razor with this pen I put to this paper

A curse that you don’t wanna bother so keep your balls in a purse

Or get neutered like a dog in this verse! As I water at the mouth

And savor every taste like a cannibal inside a Slaughterhouse!


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