Revised Version Of Forgiven and Unforgiven By My Second #Eminem @Eminem Persona Conman

Forgiven Or Unforgiven
By Conman
I know we have spent and spilled
A whole lot of blood on the Colosseum floor
Pulled out the rug on each other just to settle our score
As we opened up the flood gates and went to war
With the intent to hate and hold a grudge
To never erase our mistakes, only to raise the stakes
As we are forever locked in a tug of war
Until one of us either breaks or ends up in a morgue
And even though faces have changed
And seasons have been rearranged
And the weather has gone from snow to rain
I still recall when you once called out my name
Before we went and put the blame on each other
And let our friendship go down the drain
And caused ourselves more than just a dent of pain
As we were the Twin Towers and the airplanes, the flame that never burnt out
Reminding us of our pain like 911 that’s forever ingrained in our brains
As we had clashed, devoured and crashed
Burned up into ashes and never buried the hatchet
Just snapped back at each other like we are elastics
As we came down on each other like acid rain
Where now you’re just a hole in my soul is where you now remain
A love that was fast tracked right to the end and ended too tragic
Leaving us with hatred in our veins to now where we are just estranged
All due to this love that drove us beyond deranged into the arms of insanity
Because it felt like pins and syringes, way too much anarchy
Being driven into my skin With all the pain that you have caused me
So forgiven or unforgiven
Lies is what we spin and why?
Because we are made to cause sins
Driven to get under each other’s skins
And throw caution to the wind
And never give in until one of us wins
So it don’t matter how despicable
Inexplicable we were in the beginning
By the end we became so predictable
That it was far from being unpredictable
But before than we thought we were invincible
Not knowing all along that more we went at it
Like two Pit Bulls the more we became unfixable
But we were like two addicts that had to have it
The only way we would stop is if we were blood clots
Because we couldn’t kick the habit
We just got more caught up in the havoc
Because the more we fought the more rabid we’ve got
The more graphic, the more elaborated our thoughts
The more we planned out our burial plots
The more likely hell is where we will rot
As a suicide coincides into a homicide into a double head shot
At least that’s what I thought when we got red hot
So forget getting off the pot, supper can wait
We would rather beat each other with pans nonstop
And never grow up, be like Peter Pan
Living out the rest of our days in Never Land
So forgiven or unforgiven
Lies is what we spin and why?
Because we are made to cause sins
Driven to get under each other’s skins
And throw caution to the wind
And never give in until one of us wins
So tick tock forget a clock we would rather sneak up behind father time
And cut off his hands than go and ask him what time it is?
As that’s what would’ve happened if we had never got separated
Pepper sprayed in the face, two basket cases left with a bad taste
Forever cars in a gridlock, a can of whip ass with the lid off
A messy baby with its bib off as we couldn’t admit that we bit off
More than what we could chew as we just continued to lip off
Without a clue that we should’ve just pissed off but we were too crazy
To put an end to our relationship just like when we hit it off without a hitch
But forgot how we gave each other the blues until we landed in a ditch
But before than we just took each other for granted
And put stiches in our bleeding hearts,
Recanted every time we had lost our spark, as we became full of fibs and fists
Hey baby I know that the storm between us has now subsided
And that you’re no longer excited about me but back then you couldn’t deny it
Oh! Do you remember when we fought in the middle of a park and lot?
It was after summer before it got dark, before your birthday in September
As we screamed out our lungs until the cops got called out
As we just punched the snot out of each other right there on the spot
But in the midst of all the chaos you still wanted me to fuck you on couch,
Finger you under your blouse and I didn’t say no I just ducked out
As that was the day where we wished we had bit our tongues
But instead that’s was the most bloodiest that we had ever got
As our tempers flared into nuclear warfare, but next time you call me out
And go all balls out, you’re gonna wanna take a different route
Because you’re gonna get more than just my foot in your mouth
As this will be more than just our fallout as this will be your downfall
If my evil twin gets called out
(Outro Chorus)
So forgiven or unforgiven
We would never give an inch even if we cringed
Because we were like Griffins
With our eagles and pride like lions
As lies is what we spin and why
Because we were binge drinking off of our sins
Throwing caution to the wind
driven to get under each other’s skins
and never give in until one of us wins

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