Not Made For Love by my other #Eminem like persona Conman my take on #LoveTheWayYouLie by #Rihanna @Eminem

Not Made For Love

By Conman

{Chorus} Since the day I was born

I was not made for love

I was made to leave hearts torn

Never good enough in one’s eyes

Only good enough to be a thorn in their sides

And leave them scorned until the day that I die

So when I’m gone don’t mourn just say goodbye

Baby I didn’t mean to underestimate

Leave our love to be decimate

Please wait don’t walk away

“Should’ve thought of that

Before letting it escalate straight to hate”

Oh how I wished I would’ve seen the signs on the first date

But now it’s too late to see that I’ve sealed my own fate

Because what we had was going so good that it was great,

That I couldn’t wait for our second, third and fourth date

It was like heaven had open up its gates and gave me an angel

Oh, how I didn’t think that she would be fatal and so painful

Left to resonate on my soul like a knife inside my chest plate

Damn that bitch was so ungrateful

But it was in plain sight that you couldn’t resuscitate

What little love that we had

But I didn’t realize it until I was skating on thin ice

Because when I fall for her it just felt right

Despite how we always fought every night

And how I bought her everything that she’d like

Chess mate, game over, I was just an afterthought

{Chorus repeats}

I can’t explain why I let her treat me like dirt

And why I didn’t take the high road and revert

I just know I was drawn to her like a pyro is to a flame

Trial by fire is what remains as I was left to get burnt

As she just fucked with my brain while she went vial

And watched me spiral out of control

Like an airplane crashing into Cairo

Like a tractor smashing into a silo

She cause me so much pain that it was raining down on me like grains

And why I allowed her to be a factor I don’t know?

And what did she gain from all this I don’t know?

Maybe the fact that she drove me insane with all her head games

And that I was too gung ho, to young and too dumb to know better

I just went along with the flow as I just weather whatever

Came my way, be rain or snow or whatever she could throw

Because I just wanted her to sow my oats and make my pee, pee grow

Even though we were at each other’s throats

Constantly having each other’s goats

Still she acted as if she did nothing wrong

That she was a saint all along what a dumb blonde

Because together we were in the same boat

Still she was like a fresh coat of paint

Someone that gave my confidence the strength to gloat

{Chorus repeats)

So I guess now I can skip over Jekyll

Because she went straight to being Hyde

Showing me her dark side

Leaving me with all this hurt to tackle

And why did I embark? Because my pride

Thought we were all bark and no bite

And that the spark in us would never die

Oh how that was just a lie right from the start

Because it was hard for our feelings to ignite

More so by July when we were getting further apart,

So forget Bonnie and Clyde she was just my tsunami

Regrets that left my heart traumatized

Not enough Novocain to numb this pain I felt inside

Because I was so high off of her love that I needed detox

Because I was like an airplane in flight

Strutting my stuff like a peacock

Not realizing that our future was no longer bright

Though I thought that I was tough like Iron, Man! I was no Tony Stark

Or Superman made out of steel like Clark Kent

No, I was just a stupid man and she was my Kryptonite

And I needed a fireman to put out my heart that she burned

Because of the way she left me to feel

When I learned that our love wasn’t real

Because she only preferred the bad guys

Who’ll acted like they can stand tough

But would cry at the moment that they were handcuffed

And I huffed and puffed and got mad for what?

Over some dumb slut who put up a front

That I dated me for three months

That I only got to fuck once

And I still got blue balls by this cunt

So fuck that I’m done, forget going back to square one

Chorus repeats


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