#Throwdown #freestyle #rap #lyrics $rhymes #poetry by my @Eminem #Eminem like persona Tic-Tac-Toe #lyricist

If your into necrophiliac that’s find with me jack just know that’s more whacked than all my rhymes that has ever came out from my twisted mind and that’s a fact, so take a dirt nap next to my mother since you lover her before I hurt your rap and there’s no coming back as this will be your This Is It like Michael Jack, so you can believe that because going up against me you’re gonna find out real fast why the odds are stack and I’m not trying to put on some kinda facade as I don’t need to drop new beats in your Ipod for you to see why I’m crown as the new Rap God So just nod like a yes man because Yes I Can be a better rapper than you and I don’t need no mic in hand because I’m your Kryptonite and you’re just a Stupid man and if you didn’t get that? I meant Superman as you’re about to be put in the dog pound like you’re Lil Bowwow about to get put down because this is no powwow, if anything you will be like Lamar Odom found face down because your scrotum won’t have the room for my balls so don’t acted like you can hold them unless you’re a chick than you can blow them because that’s the only way you can spit, so split because you’re no Eminem but if you were like Slim you would be known as Marshall fecal Matters because your rap skills stink because they are shit not ill as you think, so sorry man but just like Napster you have failed as I brought you to the brinks, so come up with a new concept because you’re stale as I have the instinct to take the pep right out of your step and leave your rep killed and not blink, so stay missing because you’re not my link as you put the Z in Jay the way your rap skills put me to sleep like NyQuil, so forget the Dion because you’re like Celine make me yawn as I can’t wait for you to be gone, because just like that song from Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, On To The Next One because I’m done with you son!


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