Another 90 or more days at princess Margaret Yeah #cancersucks @Courtney send me #KurtCobains #shotgun or anyone related to #RobinWilliam’s send me his #belt #fuckmylifesucks

If anyone is wondering if I’m in the clear with my ‪#‎cancer‬? That would be no because in two weeks I have to return back to princess Margaret hospital and than do it 3 mores times as 5 rounds of arsenic all in total even though I”m currently in remission but still have to do 4 more rounds of arsenic before I’m officially can stay home witch sucks. So basically 90 days broke into 20 days with a little break in between each round of arsenic the new chemotherapy approach to cancer care if you wanna know what arsenic is and the oxymoron contradiction in all this is with arsenic you gotta do it 5 times even though it has a 95% chance of curing you while chemotherapy on the other hand you do it 3 times and it has a 90% rate of curing you unless you’re me and you fall into the 1 out of 10 people who’s cancer is mostly to relapse. well what a great 2015 and my 31 birthday will be that’s in October 15 can’t wait for what 2016 has in store for me oh wait I’m spending most of 2015 up to 2016 spring yeah not! what a fucked up life I’ve live another whole year and a half wasted. Well there goes my goal to met ‪#‎Eminem‬ and hopefully work with him someday. Now I gotta ask what’s the next bad thing to happen to me and my life after all the arsenic treatment and my second round of cancer? Because nothing really positive ever happens to me or my life unless you take into account my lyrical talented I have and that’s not even really going anywhere.


Hey ‪#‎CourtneyLove‬ can you send me ‪#‎KurtCobain‬‘s shotgun through‪#‎FedEx‬ ‪#‎TorontoCanada‬ and if not you, Anyone who’s related to‪#‎Robinwilliam‬‘s could you at lease send me his ‪#‎belt‬? thanks! ‪#‎lol‬


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